My uncle wants to be on my website

I have a successful private practice, and many of my clients tell me they want to work with me because of what I have written on my website, which I’ve spent a few years honing. My uncle recently decided to go into private practice as well after years in the corporate world. He put me on his website under a section for trusted referrals and asked me to do the same on my website for him. I told him I don’t have a trusted referrals section on my website and I don’t want to make my website more confusing by adding more info than it already has, but he said it would increase my SEO, help me be found in Google, etc. I want to support my uncle, but don’t particularly want to advertise him on my webiste, even in a sub-tab. My solution to this problem was to vaguely say I would do it and then not do it, but I recognize this solution is not super great for a number of reasons. Any advice on how to handle this?