My Unintentional Model

C – Coaching Business
T – I haven’t signed up any coaching clients yet.
F – Sad
A – Not wanting to post, just feel sorry for myself, wonder when my clients will come to me,
R – I don’t sign clients

C – Coaching Business
T – I don’t have coaching certification to be able to help my clients and I don’t have the money to afford certification.
F – Discouraged
A – Not go all in my business, just take passive action
R – I don’t find clients or ways to make money

C – Coaching Business
T – People don’t find me credible enough. I am not that magnificent so people don’t want to work with me.
F – Disouraged
A – Yeah I don’t take myself seriously. I don’t market myself/ my services in a way that would want people to work with me.
R – Yeah I don’t find my service magnificent.

C – My Offer
T – I don’t know if people even want to work with me. I hope someone wants to work with me.
F – Down
A – Haven’t made any offers but have created posts.
R – I never know if people wants to work with me.

If I was feeling confident and if I had really believed my program was valuable then I would be taking action. But I don’t see much value in what I am offering.