My website

Hi, I am a little sheepish / ashamed to admit this but I’ve had my domain name for my business since the beginning of my business 9 years ago and never published it. At the start I tried to do it myself and got overwhelmed and lost in the tech. Now I have had someone else build it for me finally and I keep avoiding finalizing. I feel like I’ve built up a lot of drama in my head about it and now it is this massive thing!!

I did the following model about it today:
C My website
T I have been avoiding finalizing it
F Fear
A Buffer / Do everything else but my website (eg chores, other work, watch TV, make excuses like I’ve been unwell)
R My website doesn’t get finished

C My website
T I have time now to review it before publishing it
F Focused (now I wrote focused but interestingly I actually felt dread so I did the model below)
A Schedule time to work on it / Make a list of things to complete it / Write another blog over the weekend / Email my web designer
R My website gets published (and I’ll be super proud when it is but that’s another model!)

So considering my feelings of dread that came up, I did the models below:
C My website
T I’m scared to put myself out there in case I get judged or criticized
F Dread
A Buffer etc (see top model)
R I avoid doing it

C My website
T Yes I may get judged
F Acceptance? Resolved?
A Complete and publish it anyway / Stop hiding
R I may get judged

Do these look correct? Any pearls of wisdom? I’ve been trying to draw on scholar wisdom of “I don’t have to want to do it, I just have to do it” and “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”