Nailing down niche

Hi! I am struggling a bit with my niche and would love some clarity and an outside perspective.
I have narrowed my target market to Expat Women living abroad in Asia. I am currently coaching (for free) in a six-week program, 10 women who fall into this target market, but I am coaching them all on different problems, which is why I’m having a hard time to really define and decide on the problem I can solve for future clients.
I have a lot of the words they use to describe their problems, and it comes down to: finding their place in the world, creating balance in their lives, making friends/building community, optimizing their health/losing weight, and feeling confident.
They feel lonely, uncertain, not confident, frustrated, and out of balance…they want to feel connected, confident, balanced, and healthy.
Is it a matter of picking one problem? I was drawn originally to the idea that I can help them “create balanced, healthy lives abroad”, since the words balance and health have come up for so many of my clients.
So, as far as defining the problem and solution, can I say “I help women expats living in Asia create balanced and healthy lives abroad” ?
Is this a specific enough problem/solution that I am offering?
Any thoughts/clarity would be much appreciated 🙂