Narrow Niche for Fiction Author

I’ve been doing the Double Your Business in 3 Months course and trying to figure out how to apply it to my business as a fiction author. It feels too different from the other examples of businesses that I’m listening to in the course (although I’m sure it must be the same, I’m just struggling to see it because I’m too close to it), so I’m hoping I can get some feedback here. I’m getting stuck on the idea of figuring out my niche and the offer I’m making to my ideal readers. (ie at the beginning…!).

So far, my niche audience is female readers who read a lot and love urban fantasy novels. They want to escape reality for a little while to experience a whole other world. Reading is about relaxing for them – they’re busy, smart women, with hectic lives, and reading offers them an immersive experience to wind down into. (I’m pretty sure this isn’t enough and is still too vague, but I don’t know where else to go on it. Age? Location? Something else? Maybe I’m on the wrong track because it doesn’t feel the same as when Brooke is doing it with the other scholars…).

The result my readers are paying for is the immersive experience of reading the book, getting to lose themselves in another world where there’s a kick-ass heroine doing things they’d love to be able to do. So they get to vicariously experience that for themselves without leaving the comfort of their living room chair. (More specifically I’m thinking it’s about the genre (urban fantasy) and its tropes because some readers just love certain tropes and the specifically read this genre for that.)

I’m also not quite sure how to make my offer (when I figure it out properly) other than in the blurb on Amazon and maybe through my newsletter, and I don’t know how to count the ‘No’s’ as per Brooke’s recommendation to figure out if I have the right offer. Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.