Narrowing down my niche

Currently I offer Life Coaching to women between the ages of 40 and 60 who want more confidence and more self-worth. This is working. I currently have 6 clients and all of them are in this niche. This is a new business for me (started offering this in May) and I signed 2 of these clients this month. My goal is to have 20 clients. My goal this month is to sign 5 clients.

I will be certified this month with the Life Coach School – and I know that I am offering great value. I work with my clients for 6 months and I individually tie what increased confidence and self-worth will give these women on a consult. So my close rate on my consults is very high. About 75% or so.

However, where I find that I am lacking is increasing my offers. The one thing that does work for me is online free workshops. This is where the majority of my consults have come from. But I wonder if I should be narrowing my niche more so that I am speaking directly to my client and potentially have more of my “ideal clients” in my workshops.

For instance, the majority of my clients are either divorced, going through a divorce or contemplating divorce. And through this experience they question who they are and they have forgotten even how to ask for what they want because they are not clear on what that even is. So I help them increase their confidence and self-worth so that they can start trusting themselves again. And once they do that, everything else becomes super clear and they can start being back in charge of their life and what they want.

I see myself participating in mind drama here. Is this simply an opportunity for me to choose? I think maybe, why I think this is not necessarily the right direction is that I’m not divorced, I contemplated divorce and the whole reason why I’m here is that I received marriage coaching from an LCS coach and I decided to stay married. I recognize that my only job is to show these women their brain – and to hold really clean space while I do it. Which I do. I totally help them and the ones that are in this space are the ones that I help the most. Regardless of what they choose to do. So maybe there is no drama here … lol!