Narrowing my Focus

1. Frank Kern. What?!!!! He gave an awesome free webinar and I learned so freaking much and I love, love, love how he looks at advertising. I see a lot of what you do in his strategies and I love how it feels so honest and up front and how you weed out the people who don’t want to work with you, so when you are doing your sell, you are much more likely to get a yes. So much good info.

2. Amy Porterfield. What?!!!! Same. So much good info. I’m absorbing right now, but I’ve only picked 2 specific things from these two that I am going to focus on.

3. I wrote a survey. I could not think of what my clients’ questions about why they can’t stop drinking. What questions would they be asking themselves? What would they be googling for? So I wrote a survey. It wasn’t perfect. One of the participants tore apart the grammar on one of my questions. Most questions were multiple choice, but I kept an “other” response for every question to allow them to answer something that wasn’t listed and they went to town. I allowed them to express how they are thinking about drinking and other forms of buffering and what sucks about work, etc. I got so much good info.

I know that I have been creating confusion when it comes to writing my freebie and growing my email list. I put everything else higher on my priority list. It’s time to stop that. I now have a solid list of ideas to write about and problems to help solve and I don’t get to hide behind “I don’t know” anymore.

I just want to say that in the past two months I went from feeling like I had a “jobby” to feeling like I know what my program is and how to sell it. Thank you so much.