Narrowing my niche

Hello amazing coaches,

I write a blog about how to dress better: about how to look amazing every day, about how to plan your wardrobe so that you always have something to wear, about taking out unhealthy emotions from your wardrobe and putting your heart back in.  Our wardrobes/closets can contain a lot of emotions, we don’t budget for clothes in the same way that we budget for other areas of our life and then we expect to always have great clothes in there and wonder why we think “I have nothing to wear”.  I really enjoy writing my blog posts.

I’ve just read the “Narrowing Your Niche” worksheet.  It was after watching the podcast Brooke did with the MDs.  I could see how they really serve their chosen market and was interested in focusing on how I could serve my chosen market better.  My market is busy working moms who are juggling everything and have very little time for themselves.  They lack time, and I’m their virtual wardrobe advisor.

However, I don’t think my blog really fits into the three categories outlined in the worksheet and I wonder if I need to re-strategise what I am doing.  In a way you could say that my niche covers all three categories: if you look better, you’ll land a better job (wealth); if you look better and have more engagement with what you’re wearing, you’ll feel better (health); and if you look better you’ll have better relationships with yourself and with others (relationships).

Should I refocus the way I write my blog posts so that they are more targeted to these areas?

Or, I was thinking of refocusing my niche on women in the creative fields (I am a designer): how to balance a creative life with earning money and keeping it all together.  That would entail writing broader pieces than I am now writing.

The other area I was thinking of is female CEOs and C suite level.  How to help them dress well, plan their wardrobes, be ready in advance.

One thing I could do is start to write some blog posts targeting the groups above and see if I get any response?

I’d like to do certification next year and I’ll be able to offer so much more, for example, coaching and potentially weight loss for women in the creative fields or women in senior management.

I love my wardrobe styling niche, but need a bit of guidance as to focus and strategy.  When I joined a digital product launch group years back, the group leader said it was a great topic, so I’ve always assumed that is the case, but, looking at the female MDs who are seriously AWESOME, I want to give a really mature, really useful offering and think I need to rethink what I am doing, up-level myself, and give great value.

Please just don’t say, what do you think.  Thanks so much!