Narrowing my niche

I want to help new entrepreneurs with their mindset AND help increase their confidence by creating a strong legal foundation for their new business. I will blend legal concepts (think business set up and creation of key contracts every business needs) with life coaching for new business owners.

We will cover topics such as offers, failures, resilience, emotions/feelings, thoughts and circumstances, and more. I see this as a 6-week course or group coaching online for $5000, plus fillable legal forms that each participant can customize to their own situation.

I drafted the contracts and have them for sale a la carte from my website but upon signing up for the course certain “go-to” contracts are included.

I am worried that my niche here is too broad.

C- service for all NEW entrepreneurs who are starting a business from scratch and struggling with “how.”
T- This is not a niche, too broad
F- Worried that nobody will say Aha! that’s me!
A- create content that DOES seem applicable to ALL new business owners who are struggling with uncertainty but second guess because it doesn’t really fit with the Narrow your Niche worksheet.
R- hesitation and indecision second-guessing.