Narrowing my Niche

Thank you, Team!
I am in the process of narrowing my niche using the worksheet and I would like some feedback on how I completed it AND would appreciate some things to consider to further help me. (I will be a coach in this niche as I see an amazing opportunity to blend the education and knowledge I have previously in this area with the coaching skills from certification to create a unique business to serve these clients) (While I am a certified sex addiction therapist, CSAT, and LCSW I have a separate business for therapy ONLY IN MY STATE).

My answer to Q1: The problem falls into the relationship category
My answer to Q2: Sexual betrayal trauma recovery for spouse’s who are married to a sex addict OR
My answer to Q2: How to stop obsessing about their spouse who is a sex addict
My answer to Q3: A person would google “betrayal trauma therapist” “how to recover from sexual betrayal” “Betrayed trauma” “Healing from sexual betrayal” “partners of sex addicts” “how to know if my husband is a sex addict” “signs of a sex addict” “why men cheat” “infidelity” “groups for partners of a sex addicts”
My answer to Q4: I give you the tools you will need and coach you how to harness your own power to recover from sexual betrayal in the privacy of your home at the hours that work best for you.

Thank you kindly.