Narrowing my niche

I’ve completed the niche worksheet and would just like help to clarify my answers.

  1. Wealth (money coach)
  2. Narrow down to a submarket within a larger market- people who make good money/feel like they can’t get ahead
  3. How someone would find me on google: Why am I so stressed about money? How do I budget in a way that works?
    Mind drama- I find most people who reach out automatically assume I strictly help people with their budget. I am having a hard time conveying that, in fact, I help them work through their money mindset.  Yes, I teach some strategy, but its more than just a budget.
  4. Solution: I teach how to get ahead with money and grow your bank account, without tracking every penny but by …?
    What I want to say is something about mindset, but I’m struggling to convey this simply.