Narrowing my niche

I’m having some difficulty narrowing my niche and I don’t think it is specific enough and I would like someone who is a little more objective to look at it. I’m a dietitian in private practice and want to transfer my business online to a membership site as so many people are looking for accountability and support and then have different themes around each month. One of the groups of people I love working with are middle aged women who are looking to improve their health (may have been diagnosed with a health condition they now need to address, often have weight issues) and are now needing to prioritise themselves after putting their family first. I would then have separate masterclass groups for different health conditions (eg IBS, thyroid etc) I guess a little like how the SCS has the study vault on different subjects.

1. My category is HEALTH
2. My two subcategories are: Wellness for women aged 40-60

Is this specific enough? Or what other questions should I be asking myself?