Narrowing my niche a little more….

Hi Brooke,
I’ve completed the Narrowing Your Niche worksheet and read through many of the niche questions here and I’m still a little stuck on this.
I’ve been “officially” coaching for a year now and haven’t had a ton of progress in building my business (definitely a result of not narrowing, producing content, and being consistent sooner).
I’m now clear on who it is that I want to work with and think it’s actually a REALLY good niche! I was a stripper for almost 10 years and I really want to support women in that industry. I want to support them on all things emotions, mindset, how to navigate that work in a way that serves them and is empowering, de-stigmatizing feminine sexuality, teaching self-care, etc… I know this is not likely specific enough however, I’m having a bit of resistance to narrowing it more. Emotional well-being for Strippers is what resonates for me, but I also understand that there could be another level of narrowing such as “Emotional Support and Empowerment for Strippers who want to quit dancing”. However, I feel a bit resistant to that because I don’t necessarily want my work to promote the idea that quitting is best (because there’s already too much social stigma, shame and taboo that those women are dealing with). I want my work to include women who just want to have a better experience doing that kind of work, women who want to heal emotionally from the “stuff” that comes along with that work, women who want to quit and just don’t know how, women who feel stuck, and even women who want to learn how to be more successful in that work.
So….what the heck do I narrow it to?? And do I need to pick one problem that I will solve (like “how to quit dancing”) or can it be more general (like “support and empowerment for strippers”)?

Thank you!