Narrowing my niche. Check please


I have just narrowed my niche down and I’d appreciate some feedback. Also, I have a question I could use your help with:

1. Relationships

2. Marriage relationships for corporate working mum working part time basis. (She had a good career and slowed it down to look after the kids- their career become the “second one”, so all the house and kids management is on her and still she needs to do her full job in part time-salary decrease, not the work load).

I have even considered focused on the maternity leave period (4 months in my country) for the second or third child where they have some time and it is usually a time for reflection).

3. How to strengthen your marriage / How to prevent divorce/How to reconnect with your husband/How to stop arguing with your husband all the time/How to stop being mad at your husband/how to prepare your marriage for the second child arrival (don´t focus in the wording as all the copy will be in Spanish…)

4. I teach you how to “re-love” him again by being respectful and authentic to yourself and your own needs.

And my question is that I have been working too generic about personal development for more than 1 year. Any ideas or advice for the transition? Name it to my current audience or not? Delete the content not really related ? (blogs).

Thanks a lot for your help, have a lovely day.