Narrowing My Niche, Mainly As A Public Speaker & for Events

Hi Brooke, I’ll use bullet points to make it concise.😁

• I’ve just set a mission for myself to help a million dreams.

• The vehicles: books, public speaking, events, and later maybe also group coaching and online courses.

• My dream: to share my life’s stories to inspire people to embrace authenticity in all aspects of life. So, it includes doing/being what we truly want to do/be.

• My stories would resonate the most with gay women, since my past struggles were closely related to being one myself. Maybe it matters because I share a lot of my stories in my contents?

• Not-yet-narrowed target: dreamers who want to crush their dream blockers (like, fears and self-limiting beliefs).

• If I narrow it down based on the kind of people who’d resonate the most with my story, then it would be queer people, or even more specific, gay women. But I have no intention to exclude/prioritize people based on their sexuality. All dreams are beautiful and I want to help them, regardless of their sexuality. But, maybe this makes more sense, marketing-wise?

• If I narrow it based on a problem, then it would be people who want to make their dreams come true, but held back by fears or self-limiting beliefs. If the narrower the better, then one specific fear or belief, then?

• If I narrow it based on both of the above, then it would be helping gay women overcome their fears that have been holding them back from making their dreams come true.

I get that people Google things based on occupation, but I know people don’t Google “how to overcome limiting beliefs for gay women”, unless it’s for gay-specific issues, like coming out.😅

I know we never have to do anything we don’t want to do, but do you think it would be inefficient to be like, “this is for dreamers who want to crush their dream blockers and live an unapologetically authentic life”? This is not (yet) for selling any specific product or program, but more for branding myself to attract the kind of people who’d be interested in what I have.

Thank you so much!😊