Narrowing Niche and Blog Posting and List Building

I hope I didn’t post this twice. I have a goal of putting as much value in the universe as I can this year. My plan is to do workshops at equestrian centers with the topic being goal setting. I use the thought model 100% for goal setting. So far I have done this at three facilities for free and I have attracted 6 coaching clients. When I describe my niche as women over 40, amateur dressage enthusiasts, it still feels really broad. Thoughts?

I started a blog this year. My intent was to do at least one blog a week but I have already posted 40 this year. Is that too much?

I am not doing a bang up job getting my email list built but I have 57 so far. I am working on a program that would have a fee, I would like to launch around November, prime goal setting season. I know I need to have a larger audience than that. I am figuring out the Facebook ad technique at the moment. Is there a digital resource training module that you recommend? I for sure want to know how to do it and them find someone to manage it going forward. Thoughts?