Narrowing down my niche I can start to market my work

Hi Brooke,

I would love some help here, feeling unstuck and less paralyzed in fear. I have a coaching website up that none knows about (ok, only my family does). I understand its very important to narrow down your niche, I don’t feel like its there yet.

C-I have not done any advertising or self promotion regarding my life coaching
T-I can’t start to market my work, because i’m not focused enough on my niche.
F-Anxious , mad at myself , frustrated, afraid
A-I make a ton of “to do list” and zero action
R-no coaching income, I’m still hiding .

My current statement or niche:
“I help women stop witnessing life from the sidelines and playing small. I help them see their own beauty and brilliance so they feel liberated to share their talents with the world.”

-I help mostly women that hide their gifts and talents from the world. They don’t have enough self confidence or self worth to do what they really want like:

Transition out of a job, change their relationship, feel better about themselves and their body.

Do I need to pick one thing ? Like job transition? Weight loss ?

My 2nd question is:

I am also a professional photographer that takes portraits. I was thinking about combining the coaching and photography ?? ? a lot of people that get in front of the camera don’t want to get their photo taken because they don’t like what they look like. I end up coaching my photography clients before the shoots! Do I keep the portrait photography separate sites? My 1st thought is yes????

Thank you!

– Renee