Narrowing my niche in a gym

Hey Brooke,

Okay I think I need someone else’s perspective on this. I’ve posted before but my impossible goal is to quit my full time job because I’ve created a successful nutrition services program at a Sports Rehab/performance clinic I’m consulting at currently. They are most known in the community for their physical therapy and massage services but have also started to offer HIIT/crossfit workout classes.

My brain is wanting to stew in “I don’t know how I’m going to narrow my niche” “I don’t think it’s possible to have a niche in this situation.” “I’m expected to offer nutrition services to everyone.” But I’m willing to figure this out and be successful so here’s my idea of packages:

[A la carte: 45 min for $75.00

This is good for anyone who wants to trouble shoot one nutrition or diet related issue, why they bonked or had GI issues at the last race, or have questions about their current diet.

Intro package: $175.00

Includes: initial 90 min consult + Meal guide and recipes ideas + 30min follow-up call up to 6 weeks after the initial consult. Email support as needed up to 6 weeks after.

Good for someone who wants a jumpstart or tune up of their diet and doesn’t require accountability or help with adjusting the meal guide. Can be a race day fueling guide or daily nutrition plan.

Committed Package: 350.00

Includes: initial 90 min consult + a Meal guide suggesting how to eat for their activity and lifestyle + recipes + 6 30 min f/u calls to discuss that weeks homework, wins, and continued challenges. Email support between calls

This a 6 week program for active people who, despite their discipline to exercise, can’t find the same with their diet. Chocolate in the afternoon or endless snacking at night is stalling their weight loss and keeping the number on the scale from budging.]

My idea is to make this last package my main focus of my content for blogs and on social media. The niche I have in mind are active females who are disciplined with exercise but struggle with weight loss because still end up snacking to much by the end of the day.

Do you think I’m on the right track with having a couple package options since I’m working out of someone else’s business essentially and they have all types of clients? But I’ll still have one focused niche and only talk to them in my content and talks?