Narrowing Niche in Betrayal Matters

The broad area is: relationships
Narrowing it down: 30-50 year olds, educated and busy, who are in a committed relationship who have been cheated on, who’ve gone to therapy and or a 12 step program, who don’t think that they are getting exactly what they need to take them from just living to thriving after betrayal.

C=Betrayal matters Niche
T=I want some thoughts about my specific niche
A=spending time thinking about other ways to word my niche, not finalizing my narrowed niche quite yet, realizing that there are many ways to say what I want to say, being okay with whatever feedback I get, not closing the door on feedback at this time, open/receptive to hearing others opinions,
R=creating a window of opportunity to listen to some thoughts before making a final decision for myself

This niche came about after working as a therapist with clients who went from betrayal trauma/ PTSD to baseline but don’t seem to have the skills to go from baseline to thriving. I see that there is a gap in their healing process, so as a life coach specialist in this area I will guide this population from living to thriving. Super excited about all this. Any thoughts are welcome. Thank you.