Narrowing the niche – hiding


I am a coach in training but I would like to start working with a niche.

Due to having personally overcome binge eating, and having found the LCS tools so beneficial in this respect, I am keen to make this my niche, but I am not sure whether it should be specifically helping women overcome binge eating, or helping women lose weight permanently and sustainably.

I know I want to work with women who have yo-yo dieted for many years, that is certain. Not people who just want to lose weight for the first time. I like binging as a niche because of my personal experience, but is it too narrow? Also, I have a mild concern about ending up with clients who have eating disorders (I am a former therapist but I don’t want clients with a fully blown eating disorder).

Do I just pick one and go for it? I keep refining and thinking about it, instead of going out there, sharing that I’m a life coach, and making offers. Am I hiding?