Narrowing what I offer

I have a side gig website design and hosting business (which is breaking even, no profit) alongside a full time job as an education technology consultant. I like many aspects of my full time job, but I know that I need to build my own business if I want to make more money (my goal is $200,000). I think I have a unique set of skills that include tech skills and a comforting, calm, non intimidating / teaching presence (according to several of my clients). My problem is how do I focus on one service or product? I end up doing many different things for clients including website design, hosting, maintenance, content support, updates, social media & marketing consulting, and business coaching. I don’t want to be on call (for maintenance and content updates) but I enjoy building websites and coaching/teaching or consulting. How do I define what I offer so that I’m not on call and have a clear niche? All of my clients are women entrepreneurs so that part of my niche seems clear, but the what is unclear and I think I could further categorize who I serve as well. Maybe website design and business coaching for women entrepreneurs in food and wellness. Or website design and tech coaching for meditation teachers… or chefs.. or massage therapists. I would so appreciate any guidance you can offer to help me decide on a clear offering and niche!
Thank you