Narrowing your Niche

Hi there! I’d love to have someone look over my answers to the narrowing your niche worksheet.

Health Industry
Submarket: Goal implementation for busy parents who want to gain back ownership over their time, focus and energy

(Basically, I’m coaching parents with misaligned priorities and goals – parents who are so busy with all the obligations and responsibilities in life…and thinking all the assumptions they have about how they should be spending their time and energy…but ALSO want more…they want to make time for themselves, they want to feel organized, they don’t want to feel stressed and behind and “not enough” )


What would someone google? ( this was harder for me to articulate)

stress management for busy parents
how to regain control of your life
time management for parents
guilt free self care
how to find more time as a busy mom


My solution:
I help busy parents implement goals by teaching how to build a foundational health practice that supports more energy, empowered thoughts and clarity in
decision making.

(If it helps to know…. I do this through the path of raja yoga (using mindset reframing, mindfulness, meditation) to bring clarity to what kind of person they want to be, how they want to show up, identifying triggers, bringing light to their values are, and what thoughts and actions support them…). I merge spirituality (yoga) with neuroscience to help people see the connection and impact the path of yoga can have on your brain (ie: the way you think!)


Thank you!