Nature, play, parent/child relationships, bonding, school-readiness

I have finally figured out that this is a niche question. I thought my program would be different from all the inquiries I have been reading on SCS- because I’m looking to start a small face-to-face program in my community. But the reason I’m struggling is because I’m thinking too broadly- like so many others!
Desire- build a community program that brings parents and children together through play and nature while helping parents to naturally embed school readiness in developmentally appropriate manner- through play and bonding. See- too big and messy!
My issue is I’m not sure what component would be most desired by those in my community: nature, play, relationship, school readiness while defending childhood. ????
I feel that “alternative schooling” is a safe place to go (all parents want that), but my community is small and I am not sure toting my program over everyone else’s is appropriate or will pay off.
Truly tho, “schooling” isn’t my priority. My priority, is playing and bonding- but is that truly sellable? It is difficult to market something that someone already thinks or believes they do. I have to set myself a part from typical mommy and me play groups.
Thank you!