NEED Customer appreciation/service!

Help please, how do I develop a love for my customers when I get people nit-picking everything I do? I sell a training and feel people pushing for wage haggling for a group rate at the last minute. (Okay, I operated from poverty mentality and scarcity and reached out to a woman I gave a discount to her students, gave her a scholarship to attend my training again and then paid her a percentage for what she brought in!)

Now I am bogged down thinking people want to rip me off. Then, a new house cleaning service I hired accused me of trying to rip them off, ugh!

C- Accused me of not reading an email agreement
T- F that lady!
F- Ripped off, toxic attack from crazies (sister blowing up my text), angry my place wasn’t cleaned, scarcity, out of control, overworked/underpaid, tight
A- “Rise above” detach, try to not engage, practice boundaries, unplug, recognize fear and scarcity, abandon self, brood
R- Ruminate, feel ratty, send more emails to engage customers that make me mad, blame self all last year I could have polished up my skills, blame self for attracting hostility, sneer at competition with better offers 🙁

(is there an in between unintentional and intentional?)

C- Training soon
T- I’m anxious
F- Out of alignment, lack of trust
A- Feel sad, cry, soothe self instead of fight with people, pray, wail, understand this is hard and still feel grateful, authenticity
R- Realize coaching is working and love the models, taking care of myself

C- Training
T- I’m amazing!
F- Grateful, blessed, calm, honored
A- Meditate, breathe, settle in to self and sense God, nervous system slows, I smile and feel my body the sadness of people in trauma and pain and love that I am detaching, available to hold space and learn to shine and be of service
R- Have an amazing training and trust abundance will follow eventually, know in my heart how many people I am serving and helping on my road to becoming a high earner

Tips? Thanks 🙂