Need help finalizing my niche-offer-positioning

I’ve been studying all of the information available from Brooke to make my coaching business a success. I would like input on my niche/offer/positioning
My niche is most likely to broad- married women-45 to 60- who’s husband makes 300k + a year. She owns countless courses and her selp help library rival the self help list on Amazon.

The problem is that this woman has goals, dreams & desires that she can’t seem to get herself to take action on. It’s been years. She has stopped and started so many times she can barely stand to look in the mirror. She feels embarrassed and unfulfilled. Shemay feel guilty because on the surface she has everything.

The Solution is my program -Verge- It is an 8 week program that will teach her how to take action and achieve any goal.

Possible Opt in- PDF “How to Make a Decision”

Positioning- My own personal story of inaction to action. I am warm, approachable but at the same time I am “up in your grill” so to speak. I will not let my clients use coaching with me as more evidence to prove their negative thoughts true.

Your insight would be so appreciated.