Need help transitioning from real estate career to a new career, & in my 50’s

I am trying to change careers but into what, I’m not sure. I want to work for a regular paycheck vs straight commission, in something that is not ‘out in the elements’ of the heat/cold/rain and constantly on the go, and with something a little more safe (not meeting strangers at sometimes vacant properties) & one that can move with me if we move every couple of years.

I also don’t want to have to start over at the beginning. I want to do something that can use the years worth of skills and abilities I already have, the degrees I already have to not have to be back at the beginning. I know I need to update my LinkedIn account but not knowing what to put as a job title is holding me up. I do not want to limit myself, have been going over all of my transferable skills.

I have applied for over 50 positions, only had one interview and did not get that job… with no idea why. Job hunting is so different than it was years ago. So, the resumes go out into this big black hole that is the internet and even when you get an interview you do not know why you were not chosen. (Is it that you were not qualified enough, or are you over qualified, are you too old (I’m early 50’s) so ‘not a right fit’ for the company. Willing to take whatever update courses, get whatever certifications to brush up on whatever skills I may be lacking but not knowing exactly what the job is keeps me from knowing where to best invest in myself. I’ve been looking at Transaction Coordinators, Closing Coordinators, Mortgage
Closing / Assistants, Resident Specialists, etc… but not dead set on those.

Can you point me in the best direction?