Need model help re: getting clients at a new rate

Ok, I’ve been working within my niche since the end of January and feeling really solid in my message and how I help my clients. I have gotten 6 1-on-1 paying coaching clients since then and have 5 paying clients in a mastermind group that I’m testing that just started this month and is going well.

Now, I know it is time to raise my rates. It was suggested to me by two different coach friends that I raise them a lot. I’m going to triple them. I’m freaking out that people won’t pay the higher rate and I’ll never get another client. I’m working on models but struggling a bit with my results in both models and which thought to choose for the new model.

The unintentional model:
C- $5000 4 month package (this is my new offer)
T- No one will buy it
F- Fear
A- Not confidently sharing my new rates on consult calls
R- No one will buy it (not sure about this since it has other people’s behavior??)

intentional model:
Not finding a good thought here! None of my ideas seem like they are right, either for creating a feeling or fitting into the model correctly. Could you help me brainstorm?:
This is in line with market value for what I’m offering
Many people pay even more for coaching
Several of my coach friends charge even more – why not me?
It’s time for me to raise my rates (this just results in me raising my rates, and the site wth the new rates is already live. I really want to address the fear of no one being willing to pay them)

I will add that I do feel confident that this rate would make it really easy for me to overdeliver and I know they are getting a huge value. I wrote out the sales page over the past two days and there is SO MUCH value.

Thank you!