Need to tighten up the marketing solution for my niche

It’s been great to hear Brooke say that your niche is a way to bring in people to do ‘life coaching’ – which I adore. I like all the different aspects of someone’s life and was first afraid niching would only have me talking about weight loss etc

In my business I currently offer one on one 6 or 12 month coaching packages. I do not have any programs, or workbooks etc. I am client led.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far-
‘I increase the confidence in FIFO mums by 100% so they can find an identity outside of the family home once their children are school age.
(Side note if they don’t use this term outside of Australia – Fly In Fly Out = husbands that work away from the home for periods of time ie week away, week home)

Now the solution in our coaching world is to do all the work with them around their thoughts, self love, confidence, communication, relationship etc so they feel like they have an identity besides being a FIFO wife and mother, to give them to confidence to get a job, or volunteer or start a business or even just raise their self esteem.

But in the world of marketing I know I need to have a compelling solution and the above is too vague to draw women in
is the ‘increase confidence by 100% to get an identity’ the solution?