Needy + creepy – follow up

Thanks for the clarification. My brain is working on getting the concept that my client’s RESULTS have to do with their thoughts not my ACTIONS.

You said:
There is no such thing as great feedback or not great feedback. There is only feedback. When you start to believe this you will not feel “stuck” anymore.

So, I’m working on that, and what I’m trying to figure out is… how do I measure whether or not I did a good job for a client? How do I measure success?

Previously I measured these things as good or bad based on:

– If my client recommended me to a colleague or told me that I did great work for them
– ROI in their campaign (did they increase sales, etc.) after working with me
– My thoughts about the consulting I did for them (did it “feel” good/bad) — I realize this is REALLY subjective.

So, if I don’t want to do that anymore, how would I measure success? How do I show up and give my best and then know that I did a great job consulting them?

I know on the one hand — its simply the thoughts I choose to think.

On the other hand — it seems like there is some sort of evaluative metric here that also should come into play.

Thanks for the help!