Negative Review

Yesterday my podcast received a review saying all sorts of negative things. That I was just trying to monetize people’s mental health. That I was predatory. That I was hurting people by what I was saying. That I was uneducated.

When I read it I felt sheer panic and my heat started beating rapidly. I felt sick.

The thing is, I’ve helped so many people. I am not trying to take advantage of people’s vulnerable states. I am trying to make money. But most professionals that help people with mental disorders make money… I don’t think I am a predator. For this one review I have countless others thanking me and telling me my podcast has been life saving. That they have healed just by listening without spending a dime.

But my head keeps spinning over it. I did a download and here are my thoughts:

C: Someone posted a review that calls me predatory, uneducated, trying to take advantage of people, and that I’m hurting people.

T: What if they are right.
T: Everyone will see this and agree.
T: My business will fail.
T: What if I am really hurting more people than helping
T: What if I am just a scam artist and predator and I don’t realize it?
T: I disagree with most of this review, but there are some fair criticisms that I should apply to the podcast so future people don’t make the same misconceptions.

The only thought that makes me feel a little better is the last one. Probably because it leads to some sort of solution: A: editing podcast format slightly.

My question: Bad reviews will keep on coming, especially as I grow. How can I handle these? The feeling of reading this was awful. And my mind going back and forth, playing the words they said over and over again isn’t useful. Is there something other business owners do that I’m not to handle negative reviews?