Negative thinking about my business

I work in the social media marketing field and for the most part, am self-taught, with lots of in-the-field training. This wasn’t the career or path I dreamed about or went to college for, it just sort of happened. I’m pretty good at it and have built a career doing it for the past 7 years. I’ve long had a thought that waxes and wanes that is basically:

What I do for a living is pretty superficial. {I don’t even enjoy social media that much personally}

Obviously, this feels terrible, it feels like what I’m doing is superficial and really adding to the noise of social media and not really contributing to the greater good of society. This past year, I decided I needed to niche-in my business and chose to target social media for nonprofits in my city. I know one of the biggest reasons I did this is because it made me feel like if the social media I’m doing is for a sector that is meaningful… well, then the work I’m doing is meaningful.

I’m about 6 months into this new niche and have several different nonprofit clients. After listening to Brooke’s podcast last week where she talked about the massive impact she is bringing to people’s lives as a Life Coach (so true), I felt empty.

Like, if I look back on the work I’m doing it still feels un-impactful. It’s not really making people’s lives better. Is it even the work I’m meant to do? I never really sought after this career… I just sort of decided to do it because I couldn’t think of anything else.

I realize this message is FULL OF THOUGHTS. I know (and have) done models on these and can totally see how I can choose to think of my career differently.

I guess my question is… what next? How do I know if this is the work I’m meant to dedicate my career to? How does one decide when to do something completely different? I’m not miserable in my career at all… In fact, I can see much of it in a positive light. I just see people in the top of their field and it seems like … “this is the work they are meant to do.” like… “they were born for this”

And then I see myself as a social media strategist and consultant … and it feels more like… this is the work I do. I do it well but it hardly feels like it was what I was meant to do.

Thanks for your help!