Negative thoughts about being in SCS, "If I was a real professional, I wouldn’t need this self-help stuff"

I have some negative thoughts I want to explore about being in SCS.

I come from a family of doctors and teachers and have always felt insecure about having the lowest level of education in my family. I do a lot of personal enrichment work and own my own business as a health coach.

I love a lot about SCS, but sometimes I feel a wave of embarrassment for “needing this help”, or like there is a clingy desperation in being here, and that I would not feel that if I was a “real professional” with a doctorate.

The thoughts are:
SCS is self-help, and self-help is for unsuccessful people
This is a lame replacement for a doctorate

So, my models could look like this:
T- This is a lame replacement for a doctorate
F- Shame
A- Question myself and my choices, compare myself to my father and sister, don’t believe 100% in my work
R- Delay progress at work, feel terrible

T- Real professionals don’t need this kind of self-help
F- self-judgement
A- Nit-pick about all the things I’ve done “wrong”, don’t value my work….
R- exist in self-judgement and feel stuck

I see myself sinking into this sometimes. What would be good questions to ask here?

How do I want to feel about my SCS work?
Is it TRUE that SCS is “less than a doctorate?” There are actually some doctors in SCS….