networking event thoughts

I have some thoughts about networking events that I would like to stop thinking, but not sure how. Here are my models. Can you help me move into more useful thoughts?

C in person networking event
T It is hard to stay interested in other people while I am there
F disappointed (that I am not as interested and I want to be)
A try hard to focus on one person and see them as valuable. Worry that I am not meeting the other people. Worry that something is wrong with me.
R leave networking event feeling depleted. Leave feeling like I did it wrong. Leave wondering why I am not more interested in other people.

C online networking event
T I am not interested in these other fields of work and I want to be interested so that I am able to engage and listen to others
F defeated
A try to be engaged. Worry I am inauthentic.
R not present. Not showing up in the energy that I want.