New business program mind drama

I’m developing a new program in my business and delivering it under a different business name targeting brides. Even though I’ve committed to exhibiting at a wedding expo this weekend, it’s making me feel very anxious. I’ve been having lots of drama around whether this is the ‘right’ direction to move in – I think mainly because it is not an area I am passionate about but more that I saw brides as a new target market. I have had some good coaching on this in the last couple of weeks in my weekly sessions.

I had a useful thought today, “how would I feel about this new business if I knew it would definitely make me $100k this year?” And that changed my relationship with my business, as I wrote in my thought download when I answered it, I would be 100% committed instead of indulging in indecision, I would feel more confident in the steps I am taking, I would feel calmer because I wasn’t “graspy” for the result, I wouldn’t worry about “no’s” because I wouldn’t be taking them as evidence that I am moving in the wrong direction.

Is this the right model, and should I coach myself on any different aspects based on the above?

C Started new business
T Making $100k this year is as good as done
F Certain
A Commit, not worry about no’s, show up consistently and not hide away, offer great service and value
R I make $100k this year