New Client – awkward first session

I am doing free coaching during my certification with The Life Coach School. I have had great experiences so far. Sometimes the first call is a little awkward, but I find my way through it and it usually ends well. I just had a call with someone and I don’t understand what happened. She wanted coaching about starting a business. When I asked her thoughts I got two sentences. I asked several open ended questions but she kept saying she didn’t know so I tried asking what if you did know? She still didn’t know. Usually people give me thoughts and feelings about everything other than what I am asking and I have to redirect them to focus on one thing but I wasn’t even getting that from her. I picked one of her thoughts and did a model. It was more of the same. I could not get any traction with her. Does that just happen sometimes and we aren’t a good fit or is there another approach in these situations?