New Client WIN

I have been working with a few ladies for free and one of them asked to do something a little differently together and to pay me. I FREAKED OUT. Felt sooo many feelings and finally decided to charge exactly what I had decided the previous day.

It was amazing to watch my mind say things like:
–let’s only charge $500
–okay fine, how about $800
–charge $1000 then! (the price was $1,500)
–if you charge too much, she might not like you anymore
–it’s not that big of deal, you would have done this for free

I see how I showed up differently because she paid me and how I am continuing to feel amazing because I charged what the service was worth.

There are two other things…

One — I am quick to think, “okay, that’s over. What’s next” — rather than really appreciate that I generated MONEY, which I haven’t done consistently. How can I approach this in a more helpful way?

Two — I can do a model on here with you…

C: paying client
T: this was a fluke I can’t replicate
F: discouraged
A: roll around in doubt, take longer to do everything
R: I don’t find new clients because I don’t show up to attract them

C: paying clients
T: My next clients are waiting for me turn on my bat light so they can find me!
F: confident & determined
A: Show up like CRAZY building momentum
R: Potential clients see me and book a call to