New Employee changed availablity

I have hired a new employee 5 weeks ago, she was to work 2 weeks for her current job and start training after hours. She advised on hiring day she was staying at her old job part time and it wouldn’t interfere. It is now interfering. Her husband had health issues, she has spent time as his caregiver so there are now multiple reasons that she cannot meet the needs of the company.
I do a model and can change my thought but the circumstance remains the same, I need someone to work for me. I hired someone to help me and I do not feel supported.
I am worried that the business community we work in will think negatively if I let go of another worker. I let someone go in July due to boundary issues after 3 months.
I am concerned about getting things done and our organization’s reputation. I believe this woman can help me but I also would like someone who is more available.
Looking for advice: compromise and continue to pick up the extra work load, hire someone else to have 2 part time people or change her job description to office manager and utilize the training I have provided and hire someone else to do her job.
I understand I need to make a decision, only I can answer but how much compromise is healthy?