New freebie or new thoughts about existing one?

I have a freebie/lead magnet I called: Affirmations for Relief. It’s both a printable version and a swipe version for your phone. It’s a series of statements that can help someone find relief in their mind when they’re exhausted and/or in pain.

I’ve had lovely feedback from a handful of people (two said they cried tears of relief), and I use it myself at times too. And yet…I’ve been saying in my posts “dm me for my freebie” but haven’t had great results (just one ask and this freebie has been there for months). I mention it more often now, but still crickets. And when I asked this last one person if she enjoyed using it, I got crickets.

I have now lost faith a little in the freebie. Part of me believes it’s good, but another part of me doubts that I’ll get folks to ask for it, simply because they haven’t yet. I lost confidence.

Shall I go about creating a new freebie, that now I’m more aware of how my thinking affected the outcome, I can pitch with more confidence? Or is there a way I can clean up my thoughts around the existing freebie so I can pitch it with more gusto and confidence?