New Goal Model #1

I have added onto my goal so that I have more clarity.

C: 40k before I am hired at LCS
T: This will happen 1 client at a time
F: Focused
A: Create the program, market the program, I will look for the one, I will only think about the 1st $600, I will create one flow that every client can go through, not work on stuff that won’t create usable material for the one.
R: I serve 1 client and then duplicate the process.

My brain still feels resistance to this thought. Mostly because I am not sure that I can constrain enough to do the actions in the A line. I just want to coach anyone. I want to make money on any program, not just this one. I want it to happen faster than it feels like it can happen.

So my questions
1. What else can I do with this model to bring awareness?
2. If a thought isn’t believable, I won’t be able to step into it. This is a bridge thought as part of my bigger goal. How can I step into an unbelievable bridge thought.