Any new strategies to recommend?

Hi Brooke,

I have narrowed down my niche and ready to prep for a launch of my new program in June 2018. So excited!! One of my immediate to-dos is to go through your Life Coach Biz Modules step by step and do everything you recommend (I will be doing training/certification in Sept with you but am already certified thru another program and want to launch before then). My question is: are there any new strategies you would recommend since you developed those modules? Would you say podcasts, FB ads and webinars are still the way to go for a newbie? I’m asking bc it seems like those channels are so inundated and crowded. If you were to start today as a new coach, would you still choose to launch a podcast/FB ads, etc. as your main marketing strategy? I listened to your 200th episode (congrats!) and you mentioned that it was almost 4 years since you launched and listened to Amy Porterfield/Pat Flynn. Has the online space changed? What other tactics might you look into based on what you have seen developing in the online marketplace recently, or should I just stick to what you recommend in your Life Coach biz modules exactly? Thank you!