New thoughts about telling people I’m a coach

When I started out as a coach I started telling people and from that I got clients, which was amazing. Now I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall because I feel inauthentic reaching out to my wider network because I’m just using them to get clients…

Previous model:

C – Friends and colleagues
T – They’re interested in my life, we talk about ourselves and what we’re doing all the time
F – Happy/friendly
A – Tell them I’m a life coach
R – Client referrals from friends and colleagues

Current model

C – People I’ve not spoken to for 6 months+
T – I’m only contacting them because I want clients, this isn’t authentic, if I didn’t want clients I wouldn’t be contacting them, I’m using them to get clients
F – Shame/guilt
A – Don’t get in touch with them
R – No clients

I know the thought ‘I’m just using them to get clients’ is not helpful, but ‘it’s ok to reach out to people for clients’ doesn’t feel right. ‘People benefit from me reaching out’ also doesn’t quite feel true as I haven’t identified why they might need me, I’m just telling them I’m a coach. Maybe ‘this is how networking works, they’ll understand’ feels a bit helpful. Or ‘it’s possible they will benefit from me reaching out to them’ could feel true?

Any insight into what I’m missing here of if this approach sounds helpful would be amazing

Thank you