Newb, not newb?

Thank you so much for your support here in SCS! I am SO grateful for a place to go to ask questions about business/entrepreneurship!

I feel like a “newb” (newborn 😉 when it comes to running and growing my own business officially or professionally.
I’ve been random in my actions, specifically in taking marketing actions or completely all my projects.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m not committed to finishing my projects that I do actually love and believe in, because I know I haven’t created a way to market/share all this awesomeness (insert cringe face here 😉

BUT, I am NOT new at all when it comes to what I do for clients:
I have been an herbalist for 22 years (solving issues from the simple to the “incurable”)
I’ve been an energy worker for about 17 years.
A Scientific Hand Analyst for 9 years.
I’ve been a Reiki Master-Teacher for 8 years.
A Reflexologist for 8 years.
A certified Life Coach (from a different school) for 8 years.
A minister for 8 years.
I have written and self published at least 4 books.

I am literally a wealth of experience, knowledge, skills, certifications up the wazoo 😉 compassion, etc… I LOVE to learn!! I love to write!! I love to teach <3

I do not have a website or e-mail/list-building… anything.

I am ready to grow.

I have 8 bodywork/energy work clients (some are weekly, some are bi-weekly, some are monthly).
I have 3 adult herbal students in my art of herbalism certification program… live and in-person + medicine-making
I created and ran an after school herbal medicine-making program at a somewhat local high school

My income is an average of $1,000/mo.

I have a million ideas. I have been a chronic under-earner and I want to change that now.

I want create a business that’s primarily on-line so that I have travel freedom.

I am telling myself that I can’t grow without all the tech stuff that I don’t yet know how to do (but have tried to learn in the past).
I am telling myself that I can’t go from an average of $1,000/month to $200,000/year.
I am telling myself that just because I have this knowledge and experience, that doesn’t mean anyone knows me or will buy my creations that will help them… cuz I’m not an already known industry “go-to” gal

But I just wanna see myself learn and figure this shit out so good that I come out of the gates running!
I’m in a hurry but not in a hurry… my circumstances allow me to be an under-earner, but I want to change into a massive contributor that earns more and more every year and change my living situations, etc.

Can a newb come out of the gates as a not-newb? an expert that isn’t really known yet?