Next Business Step – Podcast?

Hi Brooke,

I have run a financial planning and coaching business for the past year and a half, part-time, as well as work as a consultant for a successful start-up for women specific investments. My first year in business, I broke even (spent $20k, made $20k) and earned about $100k as a consultant. The consulting job takes up a huge portion of my time and, while I’ve enjoyed it and learned a lot, I am planning on transitioning full time to running my own business as a money coach only (no planning) in July and will be taking your training in August (I am also certified through Martha Beck).

My question is about planning out the next few months – and specifically about whether I should start a podcast and participate in a training that takes place in May before I even leave my consulting gig. I believe it will help generate business and get my message out; but I worry that it will be a time suck, too much energy given all the other stuff I have going on, and even a shiny object.

I know there’s a lot of thought work I can do – which I would love your insight on – but I also would love your thoughts on whether it’s a good business move too given where I am in my stage of growth. I am so excited about the LCS training but also feel pretty good about coaching already and have coached many clients already. I also blogged for over a year, have an opt-in, and some foundational pieces in place. Should I go for it in May, or wait until after LCS training, or even do it at all?

Thank you!