Next Chapter, Part 2

Thanks so much for your response. I love the idea of coming up with a clear timeline of when to make this decision by. It also brings up a lot of fear if I decide to take the leap to something new for my career. I’m pregnant and due in December, and I can see that the fear says… “don’t rock the boat, wait until after you come back from maternity leave to make a decision/start an new endeavor”

The other side of my brain says that’s way too long to wait to make a decision about this. What’s a reasonable timeframe to give myself to have made the decision? A few months? Lots of noise comes up at the thought of dissolving my current partnership & business for Plan B. What about our clients? What about my steady income? What about my fabulous relationship with my partner and friend?

I don’t want to stay in this business because of the noise and fear. I want to make this decision without those factors at play. I touched on it in my earlier post, but the reality is, I have a challenging time DREAMING up what I WANT to do because of the all of the resistance I put on myself as to how hard it will be to dissolve our current business. I can see that’s a thought… and totally optional. And yet when I sit down and try to dream up my next chapter, I get blocked with lots of fear-based thoughts like those.

Would love some feedback on next steps to:
– Create a reasonable timeline for a decision
– Unlock the “blocked” part of my brain to dream about my ideal next chapter (I get very past-focused at this – I know what I can do/what people currently pay me to do so I feel like that’s the expertise I have and field I have to stay in)

Thanks so much!