Nich and High end packages

Thoughts on my niche:

My niche is 30-40 something female runners and triathletes who have a history of disordered eating, emotional eating and are tired of dieting. They want to be free of constantly thinking about food and have a better relationship with their body. But they love training and racing so know they still have to eat well but don’t know how to find that balance. When they look online they see coaches who help with emotional eating but they don’t understand the needs of an endurance athlete.

I’m pulling a lot of this from my own experience and I’ve met with a couple of women who were similar but I’m not clear on how big the need is. Is it ill-advised, if I’m just starting out with no clients or email list to set my price for a 12-week program at $1500.00? I have the credentials to back up the price but haven’t taken anyone through the program. So is just a matter of how much I believe in the value or is there some business strategy to keep in mind with high-end packages?