Niche drama about business coach

I would like to be a business coach for female entrepreneurs and help with business mindset. I don’t want to focus on sales or marketing since that isn’t my strong point so I’m feeling insecure about saying I’m a business coach. I feel like a business coach markets themselves as helping someone’s business grow financially but I don’t know if that’s a result I can promise, I.e. $xk/mo. So I’m not sure if just focusing on business mindset, productivity, etc is compelling enough? I’m spinning in niche drama. I have this idea of how a business coach should be – their current business is profitable so they’re living what they’re teaching, they’re a product of their own tools/coaching. I haven’t built a “successful” coaching business yet so I feel like a fraud. I did build a six figure business in my previous career but I don’t think that counts since I didn’t use the coaching tools I have now. How else can I think about this?