Hello! I’ve thought so much about starting a blog over the past few years and I’d really like to start one. When I think about – What do I want to do? It’s help women connect with themselves and find compassion/love for themselves. I’m struggling with this myself right now and so I want to write about my journey to finding that within while doing coaching. Eventually, I’d love to be a coach myself. Here’s where I’m at with my niche:
1. Relationship with Self
2. Self-Love for women in their mid-twenties or Self-love for women in their twenties who are introverts or Self-love for women who are struggling to find their path
3. How can I love myself? How can I love myself more? How can I accept myself? How can I love myself unconditionally?
4. Solution: I would teach them bring awareness to themselves, not be afraid of what’s there, and work on changing their thoughts, not by seeking love and validation externally.

Is there more I can narrow this down? Thank you!