I completed the worksheet.
But am still struggling to have it not be as wordy and confusing. I have spent a couple months just taking action and not allowing it to hold me back but I dont believe people know how or why I can help them.

Where I have landed is:

Are you convinced you have limiting beliefs holding you back?
Are you addicted to knowing the how?
Are you a serial consumer?
Do you know you want more, but are unsure what that looks like and feel guilty admitting it?

I help ambitious women get what they want!
I teach you how to uncover and create your more, by ending your self sabotage, not by doing more.

Not sure if this makes any sense or if I am talking in circles.
Any input is greatly appreciated.

c- niche
t – Being able to talk to that one woman every time I post is priceless.
f – motivated
a – un-complicate the process, decide and commit
r – serving, giving value to my niche and creating clients