After 2 years, I’m switching my niche.

Right now, I’ve determined that my new niche is:

I help successful but scattered millennials go paperless for the last time.

How? I help them manage ALL their household operations into ONE effective system.

We will be covering
-Mind Management
-Actionable vs. Active vs. Archivable papers
-Project Management
-Reference systems
-Habits, Routines + Systems

I need to narrow it more because it will take forever to get through all those topics within 6 months.

I’m having trouble figuring out what the ONE problem is that I solve.

Almost like, I sell them on going paperless but I give them what they actually need which is ONE effective system to manage tasks, projects, and reference information, and the habits, routines, and systems to maintain them.

Overall, the goal is to decrease the amount of pressure and overwhelm they have now surrounding managing home + life operations because they’re trying to piece together a bunch of tactics without figuring out why they’re disorganized in the first place.

I think this is an amazing start and I have 2 beta testers going through the program so I’m figuring it out as I go in terms of what they exactly need.

My thought is “I need to narrow it down even more because teaching clients how to effectively CALENDAR, DIGITIZE ALL THEIR PAPER, and SET UP AND MAINTAIN AN EFFECTIVE PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, is actually a lot of things and not just like the “one” thing.

C: Current niche re: specific problem I solve
T: It needs to be more specific. (belief: it’s not specific enough?)
F: Unsure

A: Question my current niche
A: Indulge in overwhelm and indecision about deciding which “thing” to pick to make it more narrow
A: Don’t focus on how can I go out and meet people and make offers to help
A: Don’t move forward with my impossible goal of getting 2 clients by 7/31

R: I don’t get clients.
R: I don’t make it more specific. (because I’m not deciding which specific thing to do)

I’d like to just pull the trigger, but I think my fear of picking the “wrong” niche and I guess being afraid to fail at putting this niche out into the world and having nobody buy because they’re confused about which specific problem it will solve for them other than getting rid of all their paper clutter/piles.

Would love some help on this. Thanks coaches!