Hi, I have a successful solo law practice where I focus on business set up for new business owners and also, contracts, drafting, and negotiation, for older businesses. Also, I do litigation.

I want to incorporate a business coaching service. I am in certification now. I am having trouble figuring out how to organize all of this on one website. It seems too broad. It seems like my coaching does not flow with the rest of what I do.

I want to continue to do both. Right now, I bill myself as someone who helps entrepreneurs, which is broad, but true. I represent them in court. I set up their foundations. I help them in a general counsel capacity. But, the coaching gets lost or feels out of place and that is what I am most excited about.

Wondering if I need to have an entirely different business/website that is for coaching. And, one business that is my law practice.

C- building new website and trying to incorporate group coaching services for new business owners
T- I can’t create a website that speaks to all of these potential customers at once
F- uncertain how to highlight my lawyer skills AND coaching skills/programs all on the same website
A- feel very negative and frustrated with the website building process and want to be excited. Find fault with things.
R- the website is taking forever, and I don’t feel excited. I feel dread and I beat myself up for thinking I could do this seamlessly.